What Salt Water Does to Houses

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many people have flood damage on their minds.

My Friend Weathered Hurricane Sandy in Far Rockaway

My friend, Simon Oz Ben Natan, stuck out Hurricane Sandy just three blocks from the beach in Far Rockaway, Queens. The basement of his building sustained damage, but flood waters did not enter his first floor apartment.

Equipment Review: Shoe-In Overshoes

As a pathological DIYer, I do a lot of projects in and around the house, including all of the dirty jobs. I also live in Colorado, where the weather loves to go from blizzard to balmy in the space of a few hours.

The Pro and Cons of IKEA Furniture

A few weeks back I got a call from one of my long time clients.  He had recently picked up some IKEA furniture and wanted me, a Denver-area carpenter, to do

On the Road to Fun With Your Travel Trailer

You're ready to hit the road in your travel trailer. But where to go? Instead of the same old trip, consider trying something different. What type of RV or travel trailer do you have?

Tips for Seniors on Deciding to Go Mobile or Keep Home Phone

Deciding to keep a home phone service can be a tough decision.

The Cable Wars: How Do You Choose?

Choosing a cable company can be a little intimidating. Aggressive media campaigns and advertisements outline the superior services of one company, then immediately, a celebrity details the lost cost bundling packages of different one.

Foreclosure Deals Getting Tougher to Find

If you are or have ever experienced a home foreclosure, you know how difficult it is. Not only can foreclosure damage your credit, it can also destroy people's will. But fortunately, there are great resources for the less fortunate.

The Art of Dehydrating Foods

A couple of years ago, I started dehydrating foods.

DIY Word Wall Art Ideas

One of the easiest and most economical ways to add personality and artwork to one’s home is to do it yourself. Art projects can be fun family projects or personal journey’s of self-expression.