Trouble Watching FOX 48? (Closed Captioning, Reception, etc.)

At WNTZ-TV FOX 48, we always strive to bring you the best possible programming with the clearest television signal in the viewing area.

However, there may be times where difficulties occur while you watch FOX 48. This is where you, as our loyal viewer, help us address any technical issues that may prevent you from viewing the station.

If you are experiencing difficulties viewing WNTZ-TV FOX 48, please fill out the information below and submit the information to us.

There are a few questions that we ask in order to pinpoint the exact location of the issue. Each circumstance may warrant us to follow a set of procedures which will ultimately fix the difficulty. No two situations are alike, and your help providing the best and accurate information possiblie helps us get to the source of the problem more quickly.

Please note, the form will be reviewed by a member of our team during regular business hours. However, we do know that you may experience technical issues away from normal business time. A technical and engineering team are on stand-by around the clock when situations do occur. Our team is usually already aware of any specific issue at a given time, even before a viewer notifies us of the isssue.

Thank you for your time filling out the information below, and we hope to keep providing the best quality entertainment in Central Louisiana and in the Miss-Lou region.

WNTZ-TV Signal Troubleshooting Form

The fields on the form below with a red asterisk ( * ) denotes a required field. These fields must be filled out in order to submit the form.

We use your physical address to determine the area in which we service your home.
If you use a different address as your mailing address, do not give us the mailing address.

Please provide your area code in the phone number.
Type number without using parentheses, dashes or spaces between number (e.g., 3184434700).

Which service provides television programming to your home?

Other Provider (if not listed):

Please provide the channel number you tune your television in order to watch WNTZ-TV FOX 48.
For Antenna users, please provide your digital channel number (i.e. - 48.1).
For Cable viewers, please provide the cable channel number (i.e. - 9, 11, 475, 14.475, etc.).
For Satellite viewers, please provide the satellite channel number (i.e. - 48).


Please provide to us a brief description of what is happening when TV is tuned to WNTZ-TV FOX 48.
(i.e. - no signal at all, no sound or muffled sound, picture is fuzzy or discolored, etc.)