Public Files

Federal law set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) require all broadcast stations to maintain a file available for public inspection. Our Public Inspection File generally is maintained at the station's Natchez Office, located at 26 Colonel John Pitchford Parkway in Natchez, Mississippi.

Among the documents contained in the Public Inspection File are as follows:

  • EEO Annual Report
  • FCC Licenses & Renewal Applications
  • FCC Children's Television Programming Report (Form 398)
  • FCC Issues-Responsive Report
  • FCC Public Service Announcements Report


We provide electronic versions of some of the documents in the public file here for your convenience. For questions about these documents please call (318) 443-4700 or (601) 442-4800.

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Amanda Riley
Natchez Office Receptionist
26 Col. John Pitchford Pkwy.
Natchez, MS 39120
Phone: (601) 442-4800
Fax: (601) 446-7019

WNTZ 2013 EEO Public Report (Ending Jan. 31, 2014)748.65 KB